Helping holocast and ghetto survivors to have a healthier life

It's all about being saved and saving the lives of others

by John Harrold

This ministry is all about saving lives of needy people in Israel whatever their age, religion or background.
The Lord saves US for a purpose even though WE do not see it at the time. Take my life as an example.
I was born right at the beginning of the last World War, in West London.
Even though there were many flying bombs,(doodle bugs) and other types of bombs as well, flying over our house not one landed in my road.
For almost every night of my first four years of my life I slept in a bomb shelter in the garden, so I can understand to a degree what the people of Sderot, in Southern Israel, are going through every day as the rockets fly over from Gaza.
As I grew up I could have been killed three times by being run over by a bus, and two lorries, I could have drowned twice but God kept me safe.
Why has God preserved my life? Simply to be able to be a blessing and a help to others who are in need. You are not saved to serve yourself.
I came from a working class and poor background, and I have never wanted to lose that so that I can help others who come from a similar sort of background today. After I came to know the Lord in 1952, I went to work on the railway in London and it was while working as a junior booking clerk at one Central London Station that I came across the work of the old London Embankment Mission's mobile canteen. This canteen was out on the streets of London feeding the poor and needy people of the Capital each Sunday afternoon. A year or so later this group took over an old church building by Waterloo Station as a rescue centre to do more work with these "down and outs" by feeding, clothing and telling them of Jesus and how that their lives could be changed. It was about the same time that I started to work as a volunteer with this group once  every two weeks. I could only do it like that as I was on shift work at the time. I loved doing this work simply because I realised later that I could have gone down the road that these poor people had gone down if I had not been saved by the Lord at the age of twelve years old. I worked with this group for about ten years in one way and another either being at the centre or by providing the necessities that would help the work to go forward.
In the church where I grew up I was involved with helping the older members of the congregation from time to time to do some of their gardens etc. or whatever they needed to have done.
Over many years I have been involved with helping in aid work to reach out to needy people. For the past ten years since June 2004, when I was called by God to work for the Jewish people, again the main thrust was been aid work in one way or another to provide things for the Jewish people who were in need in Eastern Europe and in Israel. I love doing what I do, because God has put a love in my heart for people and more so for the Jewish people because we owe them so much. From them we have received our Lord Jesus Christ, our Bible, our Salvation and a Hope for the future.
If you know and love the Lord Jesus, then you owe  the Jewish people a lot and need to get involved in helping them. There is no truth in the saying " that all Jews are rich", because that is a lie from the devil himself. I have seen personally the poverty of the Jewish people in the Ukraine when I was there in 2007 and 2008 where we were giving out aid to these people and telling them about God's love for them, as well as encouraging them to go home to Israel.
The Bible says in the following verses that we are to love others as we would love ourselves. Leviticus chapter 19 verse 18. Matthew chapter 5 verse 43.
Romans Chapter 13 verse 9. James chapter 1 verse27. So, if God has told you to do something to help His people, then do it.