Helping holocast and ghetto survivors to have a healthier life

A Brief History of VITAMINS for ISRAEL

John Harrold - Founder

In June 2010 among my e-mails I came across one from the Institute of Justice in Jerusalem. In this e-mail news was an article about the Holocaust and Ghetto survivors who live in Israel. As I read the item I came across part of it which said that these elderly were in a very great need. On enquiring what this need was I discovered that it was for vitamins. Over the next three months or so I bought vitamins and paracetamols each week or so and then took them out to Israel on our visit in October that year.
Through this we met and made friends with a lovely Jewish man called Albert. Over a period of time he told us more about the plight of these people.

At the end of 2010 we were able to send out another parcel and then in October 2011 we took another supply with us on a return visit to the land.
It was during this trip that we were able to get some more information about the way things are in Israel. In the U.K. we can get vitamins from 69p up to £1.30p In Israel the same things are about £6.oop. Paracetamols here in the U.K. are about 20p, in Israel the same box is about £2.50p. The U.K. prices are an average, but the Israeli ones are a minimum price.

Later on we found out that there are about 200,000 of these survivors in Israel and about 100, 000 live below the poverty levels for Israel.
In the Spring of 2012 I received an e-mail to say that the people who I had been supplying had run out of these vitamins and could we send some more to them? So, I started to send out 2kilo parcels (this is all the U.K. post office will allow us to send) on a more regular basis. Then in October of that year we took another load out on the next trip to the country.
Around that time I had a thought that I could not do this work all on my own so I asked some Christians who I knew who loved Israel if they would help and at the same time I asked one of the Jewish communities in Cardiff to help as well. So far we are getting a fairly good response.

Doors are opening up for us to help more people in Israel and at present we are helping seven groups of people five of which are Holocaust survivors and the other two are children who are in need.

My aim is to help all of those 100,000 survivors who are very elderly and in poor health before they depart this world. I want make their latter days better than their former days while we can.
We owe it to them for all the centuries of hatred that the so called Church has given to these people who are God’s chosen people.
The way that you can be involved is to:

  1. Pray for us to have more open doors.
  2. Send us a donation to buy and send out the vitamins.
  3. Send a box of vitamins etc. To me directly.

If sending a donation please make any cheques payable to VITAMINS FOR ISRAEL.

Romans chapter 15 verses 25 to 27 tell us why we should get involved in helping the Jewish people. We owe them a lot, because through them we have:

  1. A Bible.
  2. We have a Saviour.
  3. Salvation.

In July 2013 we started to send things to a centre in Haifa and that centre is looking after forty centres right across the land.

This is work helping children with disabilities to lead lives that will help them to cope in their adult days. This also started in the same month.
The name means “Peace of mind” and by us helping them, we are helping them to have this “peace of mind” as well.

This elderly gentleman is heading up a work that cares for 50,000 holocaust survivors across the nation. These dear people came out of the death camps of Nazi Germany in 1945 and were absorbed into the Communist block where their medical conditions were very poor to say the least. I have been to the Ukraine twice and I saw for myself what their homes were like. Very poor indeed.
We owe it to these dear people to help them as and when we can.
I praise God for every opening that has happened so far and I am looking forward to seeing more openings happen in the near future.

Please will you help me to help them?

By the end of 2013 we will have been able to send this year just over 100kilos of vitamins and other things to Israel to help relieve the poverty out there.
During the middle of December 2013 we started to help our eighth group in Israel. This group has eleven centres and helps needy families across the nation. I am hoping that this will lead to a long and lasting relationship with them and that in time we can meet up with these groups.
In 2013, we actually sent out 105 kilos of aid and since then we have started to help another four or five groups of people in the land, ranging from children to pensioners.
Our aid is going across the land from north to south and from east to west.
Our help in the U.K. comes from across Wales, Southern England and Northern Ireland. I cannot do this work without the help of these dear people of God.

God willing we will be revisiting the land in March again and taking as much aid as we are allowed to carry with us, and at the same time we will be meeting up with some of the people who we are helping, which will be good.

March 2014
Our trip to Israel meant that we were able to meet people from seven charities of which two new ones. Praise God the list is growing bit by bit as you can see for the list that follows.

- Yad'l ami. Holocaust survivors.
- Azza Street centre. Holocaust survivors.
- Alexander Burman. Cares for 70,000 Holocaust survivors.
- For Zion Sake Ministries. Clothing centre for Holocaust survivors.
- C-M- Group.
- Shalva. Children with disabilities.
- Afikim. 11 Centres for holocaust survivors.
- Meir Panim. Feeding and nutrition for needy people.
- Gracehouse church. Helping needy people.
- Be-ad Chiam. Helping pregnant mums to cope and survive.
- Ode Shoshani helps poor families.
- Jerusalem Institute for Justice. Helping lonely soldiers.
- Dov and Olga Bikas. Helping drug addicts to come off drugs etc.
These are the groups so far who we are privileged to be able to help.

Update July 2014
So far this year we have been able to send out just over 100 kilos of aid by surface post to the people who we are trying to help. This is good news, because that is more than the whole of 2013.
God willing we will be sending out more later in the year as the money and items arrive at my home.

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