Helping holocast and ghetto survivors to have a healthier life

Vitamins for Israel

Updated 10th August, 2014

Vitamins for Israel started in 2010 because of a plea to help the Holocaust survivors in Israel who are living below the poverty line.
It started in a small way by me taking a supply of vitamins out to Israel that Autumn and then taking another supply the following year. We did the same thing in 2012, then at the end of that year we started to get more news of other charities in Israel who needed our help. Since then we have posted or taken approximately 200 kilos of vitamins, paracetamols and clothing to over 13 different charities.

We are flow helping young mothers who suddenly find themselves pregnant and who do not want to go to the abortion clinic to get rid of their baby. By doing this we are helping to save lives.
There are about 180,000 (as of July 2014) Holocaust survivors in Israel who need our help. Most of these people came from Russia or Eastern Europe where the medical services are not so good. They arrived in Israel with health problems, which we are helping to alleviate by the provision of vitamins and medicine.
Then there are the groups who are helping young people to come off drugs and to be rehabilitated, as well as young children who are disabled in one way or another. The reasons for doing this work is explained in the Bible, Romans Chapter 15, Verses 25 to 27 which read as follows;
"But, now! go to Jerusalem to minister unto the saints.
For it has pleased them of Macedonia and Achaia to
make certain contribution for the poor saints which are at
Jerusalem. It hat!, pleased then, verily and their debtors they
are. For if the Gentiles have been made partakers of their
spiritual things, their duty is also to minister unto them in
carnal things."